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Frequently asked questions


The activation button is your way to tell daysy to turn on, measure your temperature, and enter menstruation data.

The battery should only be taken out, when Daysy signals you to do so, in which case the battery should be changed according to instructions. However, if you took the battery out and did not immediately replace it with daysy having been left for a long time without any power, Daysy has no way of tracking what day it is, even though the data is safe. Daysy’s internal calendar doesn’t synchronize with the calendar on DaysyView.

When power is reapplied, Daysy still uses all the old cycle data but waits for the first mens day to re-synchronize with your cycle.

For now, DaysyView simply hides the old data because it’s not 100% sure on which calendar days it should display it. We understand this may be frustrating to you, and are working on a solution in a future version of DaysyView.

There’s a simple work around, though. Just don’t take the battery out of daysy! We’ve done extensive testing and generally, we haven’t found a strong reason ever to do this. The battery lasts for > 2 years (and Daysy warns you with enough time to spare about changing it) and the software in Daysy is very stable.

If you have trouble communicating with DaysyView, the problem most likely lies with the mobile App. With each release of DaysyView, we work to make this communication more stable, but on occasion, something slips through. Please check out the DaysyView FAQ items, and if you’re stuck, we’ll be happy to help you through e-mail or on the phone.

Open DaysyView on your phone and follow the instructions provided in the App. Once on the Calendar display, connect the provided TRRS cable to Daysy. If Daysy does not wake up by herself, press the activation button to do so. Now connect the other end of the cable to your phone and wait for Daysy to sync.

If, for some reason, the temperature step is too low, Daysy will maintain red lights for a longer period of time and then shift to yellow before changing to green again.

Small temperature steps may be indicative of hormonal imbalances. A monophasic cycle will have no temperature step because ovulation did not occur. Corpus Luteum Insufficiency (CLI) will also cause a slight or unrecognizable temperature step because the body is not producing high enough levels of progesterone to cause the BBT to rise.

Women experiencing perimenopause may notice smaller temperature steps as the levels of estradiol and progesterone decline. It is also possible that a small temperature step is the result of “noisy” temperature readings. Be sure to hold the sensor very still under your tongue and keep your mouth closed as you record your temperature. Always try to record in the same place within your mouth to reduce unnecessary variations in temperature.


Yes. If your reading is influenced by a bad night or by drinking large amounts of alcohol (omitting a reading once in a while isn’t a problem), this doesn’t mean that the indicator becomes unreliable. Depending on the phase of your cycle, Lady-Comp will react accordingly. Either the reading will be recognized and ignored as an exception, or the device will show a yellow or red light on the next day to be on the safe side.

No. Even if the batteries completely lose their charge, the time, date and year information will continue to count indefinitely without any direct or battery power. It is also intentionally difficult for your information be deleted so that it cannot be done by mistake, e.g. by children playing with your device.

The recommended age to start using Lady-Comp is 19. By this time, a young woman’s cycle has regulated enough that the Lady-Comp will be able to provide the optimum indications of the fertile and infertile phases.

No: An increased temperature due to some illness will cause the device to indicate “F”. On those days, the fertility indicator will be yellow. The best thing is not to take your temperature while you are sick. After that, you can continue taking your temperature as usual.

Absolutely. Your Lady-Comp has a 6 hour window in which you can take your temperature, plus/minus three hours of the alarm time. If your baby wakes you during this window, take your temperature quickly before getting out of bed. If your baby wakes you before the time window, go ahead and take care of baby and then go back to sleep; when you wake up the next time, within the time window, you can go ahead and take your temperature as long as you’ve had at least 3 consecutive hours of sleep.

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