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Birth Control Expenses

Birth Control Expenses

Birth Control Expenses in India as of 2018

In the year 2000, it was projected that by the year 2040, India’s population of one billion people will double. In spite of implementing a National Family Program in 1951, to slow the blooming population, India’s population continues to grow at 1.8%. It was also recorded that only 50% of women in the reproductive age of 15-49 years use some form of contraception, out of which 14 million women use traditional methods which involve high risk of health issues. Surveys conducted through several years have highlighted the fact that women refrain from using contraceptives or risk using additional methods because of high charges. It is true that the expenses are overwhelming and below is the chart that proves so-

Method What’s Included Lifetime Cost
Condoms Condoms are the cheapest and most easily available ways of contraception in India

Male Condom- Rs.50/usage

Female Condom- Rs.100/usage

Birth Control Pills Pills consumed from time to time by women before or after intercourse Average cost of Rs.100/consumption
IUD Doctor’s visit, device, insertion, and follow up care, every 7.5 years Rs. 1,600
Implanon Doctor’s visit, device, insertion, and removal, every 3 years Rs. 40,000
Injections Doctor’s visit, follow-up care, and four injections, every year Rs. 15,000
Birth Control Patch Doctor’s visit and an annual supply of patches, every year Rs. 15,000
Vaginal Ring Doctor’s visit and an annual supply of rings, every year Rs. 10,000
Surgical Sterilization Doctor’s visits, surgery, and follow up care; one time cost Rs. 35,000/surgery

To your utmost surprise, there does exist a modern, affordable and most importantly a natural method of birth control.


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